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AI Consultant 


We are a company that provides artificial intelligence (AI) analysis as a service.Companies do not always have mathematicians and analysts on the team.

Our statisticians and programmers continue to use the platform to generate new data in order to better understand our clients’ requirements.

We will utilize AI to assess and return the items required by the company in order to perform the customer analysis.

Requests can be made for a variety of projects, ranging from large to small.

Contact Us

Please contact us by WhatsApp.
Will will send you email addreess  

3514, 4-14-14 Akasaka minato-ku, Tokyo Japan 170-0052

Business Content

A) Analysis and return consignment task using artificial intelligence (AI).

We will be in charge of all AI analyses.

B) Design of an AI analysis and return computation technique
We’ll put up statistical settings for your required analysis and return calculation.

C) Data collection, analysis, and processing

Process the data so that artificial intelligence can analyse it and provide feedback. Additionally, analysis from several perspectives can be achieved by processing the same data in different ways or integrating it with additional data.

D) Work with API data mediation

Each corporation or research institute need data mediation (rental/sale).

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