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With the AI platform, we have created an environment where AI can be developed on a company-by-company or project-by-project basis and put into practical use speedily. The AI platform provides the infrastructure for collecting and processing learning (ML / DL) data for AI development, operating applications, etc., and can speed up AI development, which used to take an enormous amount of time. ..


AIaaS covers ready-to-use AI products and services (with built-in ML and DL algorithms) for data management with limited customization capabilities. Such software helps organizations with advanced trend analysis, pattern matching, predictive analytics, and other data management tasks. AIaaS services usually are affordable for midsize project.

Specific Business & prj

There are AI platforms focused on specific industries and specific features. Examples of specialized AI platforms include diagnostic imaging in the medical field, inventory sorting in retail and logistics, automatic credit screening for finance and insurance, and inspection of manufacturing.

AI is Repeated

Quick Start Repeated

One of the advantages of the AI ​​platform is that it keeps costs down. If you develop AI from scratch in-house, you will need the labor cost of an engineer with specialized knowledge. It also takes time to build, so you have to spend time.

In the case of AI platform, there is a usage fee, but there is an advantage that the cost can be reduced compared to in-house development. It will also provide a pre-built AI model, which will save you a lot of time.

quick start
One of the advantages of the AI ​​platform is that it can realize a quick start. Suddenly, large-scale implementation has been repeated many times.

In that respect, if it is an AI platform, it can be used flexibly, such as “First use AI on a small scale, check the effect, and then expand the scale.”

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